Temporary Closure Bowen Health Therapy – 30 March 20

I hope this finds you well and navigating this new, albeit temporary, way of life.  Sometimes life throws us curve balls though this one seems much more acute than a gentle curve.I thought I would touch base with you to let you know that Bowen Health Therapy is still here to help you.  Even though we are not able to catch up in person for a Bowen session I am only a phone call or video call away if you want or need a chat about what is going on for you at this time.Social isolation is difficult at the best of times, so if you are feeling stressed or that pain or discomfort is getting you down feel free to call me on 0438148842 I’m happy to address any questions you may have and help if I can.
Please note: the mobile number 0438148842 is now the business number.  There is no land-line number any more.

Below are some things to remember to help keep yourself well:

  • Listen to and follow the guidelines set down by the government.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • Get some gentle exercise,
  • Stop and listening to some gentle music,
  • Make a list each day of five things you for which you are   grateful,
  • Avoid too much exposure to the media at the moment.  Yes we need to know what is happening and what we need to do but we don’t need the hysteria.

If we can all try and follow these simple steps it will help us feel a whole lot better about all those things that are beyond our control.

Please take care and go gently

Kind regards
“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”
Sir Bernard Williams
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