Sleep and Energy Levels – A Connection!

Welcome back!  Our last newsletter touched on Bowen Therapy for humans and our canine friends.  Today I’d like to look at the connection between the quality of our sleep and our subsequent energy levels.  Yes there really is a connection! Maybe I’m being presumptuous but if we’re honest with ourselves most of us go to [...]

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Human Bowen – Yes! Dog Bowen – Really??

Welcome once again to our Bowen Health Therapy newsletter. Last month I briefly spoke about the benefits of Animal BowenCare for animals along with other topics.. If you don't have a dog, you can forward this newsletter to a friend who does. Simply ask your friend to mention your name and this newsletter, then you [...]

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February Newsletter

Welcome back! Our last newsletter had the focus of self-care. Today I thought I would have a change of gears and share with you a few things that are available here at Bowen Health Therapy besides the wonderful de-stressing healing therapy that is Bowen Therapy. Animal BowenCare: Yes, Bowen Therapy has been very successfully adapted [...]

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New Year, New Focus! – Self Care

Hello, Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021. Often the beginning of a New Year brings with it resolutions of one sort or another. In light of that I thought it might be helpful to focus on our own ‘self-care’ hoping to resolve to provide ourselves with a little extra ‘self-care’. Now some people or [...]

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