Pain & Stress Relief – The Benefits of Meditation

You may remember from my last Blog, “The Pain Relief Way”, that I mentioned meditation was one of the key factors in helping find some relief from pain. So, what do you think of when someone utters the word, ‘meditation’?  Do you think of someone sitting in the lotus position chanting ‘ohm’ for great lengths [...]

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Keys to Pain Relief – Meditation, Movement, Bowen Therapy

Welcome to Keys to Pain Relief - Meditation, Movement, Bowen Therapy! You’re probably here because you’re sick and tired of pain ‘ruling’ your life in one way or another.  None of us can escape the clutches of pain.  It will affect us all at some stage in our lives.  How much pain and how often [...]

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Caring For You – A Necessity Not A Luxury

Do you spend most of the day hunched over a computer or other sedentary style work? If you do, you likely experience tightness and discomfort across your upper back, neck and shoulders and maybe even you lower back! We all know this is not good for us. Not just do our muscles end up stiff [...]

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Quality of Life

So, recently (on the 18th March 2017), I took part in the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’, a fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation, a charity close to my heart. I now have significantly less hair!! People have asked, “Why shave your head?” or commented, “Gee your brave!” My answer is simple, “It’s only hair, not my life.” The [...]

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Bowen Therapy – A Great Career

I have had the privilege of working with many people to help them enhance their well-being, to recover from injury, to help relieve their aching back or stiff neck or to relieve stress, to name just a few. As a Bowen Therapy Practitioner I am able to make a living whilst helping people find a [...]

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