Winter Chills

Welcome back! Well the winter chills are certainly here! What can we do to help those aches and pains that come with the cold weather? Why do we feel those aches and pains more during colder weather? I know when I was young I was always reminded to put a warm jumper on or a coat if I was going outside during cold weather. Winter for us meant freezing white frosts or even black frost which were even colder and more dangerous because you couldn’t see the ice on the road.

So why is it that cold weather brings on more aches and pains than warmer weather?
There really is no short answer to this question.

However there are factors that may contribute such as:
1. Air Pressure – Air pressure, that is, Barometric Pressure, drops in winter and people with joint pain may be more sensitive to it. This potentially inflames areas such as knees, shoulders, ankles etc.
2. Cold Temperatures – Colder temperatures cause changes in blood flow to keep us warm sending more blood to important organs like the heart and lungs. This reduces the amount of blood reaching our extremities.
3. Decreased Activity – When the weather is cold and therefore we’re cold our levels of activity tend to be significantly reduced. As a result of this reduced activity our joints may ache and / or become stiff and uncomfortable.
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What can we do to help us be more comfortable during the colder months?
Here are some ideas:
1. Take a bath or foot soak with magnesium flakes (magnesium chloride) / Epson Salts (magnesium sulphate). Magnesium is known to be helpful for muscle discomfort.
2. Movement: Low impact, gentle exercise, such as; walking, riding a stationary bike, stretching are all helpful ways of warming your body.
3. Cover up to stay warm – gloves, coat, scarf or even a beanie. You’re not being silly, you are staying warm and comfortable.
4. Bowen Therapy is also helpful at balancing the body so it can find its balance and help improve our movement and well-being when feeling stiff and sore due to the cold.

So keep moving, rug up, stay warm and even think about a Bowen therapy session.
Receive a little ‘Winter Warmer’ gift, with any appointment booked and attended between 12JUL-31JUL2021 to help with those aches and pains.

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Keep warm and stay well

“Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warm, for the
touch of a friendly hand and for
a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Edith Sitwell

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