Human Bowen – Yes! Dog Bowen – Really??

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Today I’d like to share a little insight into the similarities and differences of Bowen Therapy for we humans and our canine friends.
We know that Bowen Therapy is very helpful for most people but did you know it is also very helpful for animals? I realise I have touched on this previously but today I want to compare Bowen Therapy for humans and also for animals, most specifically dogs. NB: Bowen Therapy does not replace your Doctor’s care or your pet’s Veterinary care.

There are many similarities between the two when it comes to Bowen Therapy. Those who have experienced Bowen Therapy know it is a gentle, effective, non- invasive body work that uses gentle moves over muscle and connective tissue. The same is true when working on animals and some of the issues that both experience.
Bowen Therapy may assist with:

  • Anxiety
  • Injury
  • Pre and post-surgery
  • Overall well-being
  • Pain – acute or chronic
  • Respiratory issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Joint discomfort

To name but a few and all of which may be experienced by both humans and dogs. As you read this you may have decided that either you or your dog or even both of you could benefit from some a Bowen Therapy session.

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When working with dogs we need to think a little differently even though the Bowen is the same we are now working with an animal that is different to humans in many ways, though similar, too, in many ways.
Dogs –

  • Have four legs and a tail
  • They have a very similar internal anatomy but it is on the horizontal
    instead of the vertical
  • Are unable to speak to us to let us know what is happening for them.
  • Generally are much more receptive than humans.
  • Know when they have had enough or need more and will either move
    away or move closer.
  • Generally respond more quickly than humans depending on their illness, injury or temperament.
  • Have no preconceived ideas about what they are receiving.
  • Are very sensitive to what is happening around them.

For the Bowen practitioner the challenge is to take the gentle, precise moves
performed on a human and adapt them to the four legged dog. All the while being aware of the dog’s level of comfort and receptiveness. The last thing we want to do is make the dog feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.
Take a moment to think about the times you may have been feeling unwell or sad.

Have you noticed a change in your dog and / or its behaviour too? They often seek to be near you or may get anxious too. Maybe, just maybe it would be worth considering Bowen Therapy for both of you.
Considering Bowen therapy for not just you, the human but also for your four legged best friend, for any issues that may arise is worth a thought.

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Remember: Bowen Therapy does not replace your Doctor’s care or your pet’s Veterinary care.

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“Dogs’ lives are too short.
Their only fault, really”
Agnes Turnbull

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