Caring For You – A Necessity Not A Luxury

Do you spend most of the day hunched over a computer or other sedentary style work?

If you do, you likely experience tightness and discomfort across your upper back, neck and shoulders and maybe even you lower back! We all know this is not good for us. Not just do our muscles end up stiff and sore because of our bad posture but our health begins to suffer.

When we sit for long periods our postural muscles begin to shorten and as a result our ability to stand upright is affected. We may also begin to get rounded shoulders which also adds to our discomfort.

What can we do to help the situation? Some workplaces have the option of standing to work at a desk. Ensure the ergonomics of your workspace are helping, not hindering you. Stand and stretch every 15 min, even if it is just behind your chair for 30 seconds it is better than nothing. When you go to the printer or to the bathroom take the opportunity to stretch and move. Maintaining adequate hydration, by drinking plenty of water, will also help your body function more efficiently.

What else can you do? Make an appointment for a Bowen Therapy session. Begin feeling a whole lot better. Add this gentle, non-invasive, effective body therapy to your ‘to do list’ and feel the benefits of looking after yourself.

You are important. You need to be well in order to fulfil your family and work roles. If you aren’t functioning at your best, it becomes difficult to give your best to those you love and in your work. Caring for you is a necessity not a luxury!

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